Professional Background || Curriculum Vitae || Continuing Education

Professional Background

Dr. Silverstein is an Orthodontist who has been practicing in Somerset since 1994. He graduated from the dental school at UMDNJ in 1990, and obtained a Certificate in Orthodontics along with a Masters in Oral Biology, also from UMDNJ, in 1993. After graduation, he taught at the school part time and entered private practice.

Dr. Silverstein has been active in the Middlesex County Dental Society, where he has served as Secretary, Vice President, President-Elect, and President. He is currently both the Newsletter Editor and Web Editor.

Curriculum Vitae

The following is a synopsis of his education, professional activities, and other items related to his professional life:


1982-86 Rutgers University
B.A. New Brunswick, NJ 08903
1986-90 UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School
D.M.D. 110 Bergen Street
#2 out of 65 Newark, NJ 07103
1990-93 UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School
Cert. Ortho. Newark, NJ 07103
  Department of Orthodontics
  Specialty Certification in
1990-93 UMDNJ-Graduate School of
M.S. Biomedical Sciences
  Masters in Oral Biology


 1990  New Jersey Dental License: #DI 17464
 1993  New Jersey Specialty License: #3853
 1997  Pennsylvania Dental License: #DS-030301-L

Academic Appointments

 1990-93  Assistant in Orthodontics
   Department of Orthodontics, UMDNJ
 1993-95  Clinical Associate Professor,
   Department of Orthodontics, UMDNJ
 1994-95  Clinical Associate Professor,
   Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, UMDNJ
2010-Present Active Staff in the Division of Orthodontics, Dental Service Division, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
2019-Present Chief of Orthodontics, Dental Service Division, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Professional Experience

 1992  Lecturer to UMDNJ Dental Students- Limited Tooth Movement Course
 1992-93  Lecturer of Undergraduate Orthodontics - Pre-Clinical Lab and Didactic Courses
 1993  Lectures to Orthodontic post-graduate students and Faculty - using Macintosh computers
 1993-94  Private Practice-232 Mountain Ave, Springfield, NJ, 07081;
   441 Pompton Ave,  Cedar Grove, NJ, 07009
 1993-95  Lectures to Orthodontic post-graduate students - Current Literature Review
 1994-2009  Private Practice-636 Easton Ave, Somerset, NJ 08873

Private Practice—32 Worlds Fair Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873

Major Committees

 1990-92  UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School Post-Graduate Education Committee
 1994-95  UMDNJ-Strategic Planning Task Force on Education
 1998-2002  NJDA Council on Communications

Professional Memberships

 1986-1993  American Student Dental Association and its Component Societies
 1993-Present  American Dental Association
 1990-Present  New Jersey Dental Association
 1990-Present  American Association of Orthodontists
 1990-1993  North Eastern Society of Orthodontists
 1990-Present New Jersey Association of Orthodontists
 1990-Present  Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists
 1990-Present  Omicron Kappa Upsilon
Special Awards
 1985  Ulysses Grant Dubach Award- Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
 1986  J. Edward Zollinger Outstanding Senior Award-Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
 1990  The Academy of Dentistry for  the Handicapped
 1990  Alumni Leadership Award
 1990  American Association of Orthodontists
 1990   Dr. Robert E. Gillis Memorial Award
 1990  Omicron Kappa Upsilon
 1990  Pierre Fauchard Academy
2003 Selected to the 2004-2005 edition of The Best Dentists in America
2005, 2010-2015 Selected to NJ Monthly Magazine's Top Dentists


 1985-86  President-Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
 1989-90  President-Senior Class- New Jersey Dental School
 1990-92  Post-Graduate Student Representative - UMDNJ
 1990-92  Graduate Student Representative - Department of Oral Biology, UMDNJ
1998-Present Web site editor, Middlesex County Dental Society
1999-2007 Co-Newsletter Editor, Middlesex County Dental Society
2003-05 Secretary, Middlesex County Dental Society
2005-06 President-Elect, Middlesex County Dental Society
2006-07 President, Middlesex County Dental Society
2007-Present Newsletter Editor, Middlesex County Dental Society

Research Interests

1988-89 "The Quantification of the Sassouni Analysis's Center of Convergence"
1989-90 "Ceramic and Stainless Steel Brackets-A Comparison of Frictional Resistance Values"
1992-93 "An MRI Assessment of the Normal Temporomandibular Joint Using Projective Geometry"
1994-95 Mentor, Thesis Advisory Committee, Carmine Russo, D.M.D.


1994 Silverstein R., Dunn S, Binder R, Maganzini, A. MRI Assessment of the
  normal temporomandibular joint with the use of projective geometry.
  Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol 1994;7:523-30


1989 New Jersey Dental School-Dental Sciences Expo '89
1990 New Jersey Dental School-Dental Sciences Expo '90
 2002 MCDS Nurses Continuing Education Program - The Straight Facts About Orthodontics 3/19/02

Continuing Education

The New Jersey State Board of Dentistry requires all licensed dentists to attend a minimum of 40 credit hours every two years. I have listed courses that I have attended below. In addition to attending courses, I read the Journal of the American Dental Association, the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, the Journal of the New Jersey Dental Association, the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, and practice management journals and newsletters. I also subscribe to the Electronic Study Club for Orthodontists.

Date Title Lecturer Meeting Credits
5/1/94 Special Lectures   AAO 3
5/2/94 Interdisciplinary treatment   AAO 3
6/10/94-6/11/94 Orthodontics, Functional Occlusion and TMD Treatment Ronald Roth Orthodontic Alumni Society of UMDNJ 16
9/28/94 The Periodontist working with the Orthodontist solving treatment problems Slick Vanarsdall NJAO 7
1/18/95 Current Concepts in Nonextraction Therapy Norman Cetlin NJAO 7
2/21/95 Managed Care Symposium   MASO 6.5
3/8/95 The Successful Orthodontic Practice of the 21st Century Dean Bellavia NJAO 7
4/5/95 Speak Softly, but carry a big stick Ron Roncone MASO 7
5/17/95-5/18/95 How Orthodontic and Orthopedic Techniques are Unique/How to Virtually Eliminate Relapse from Orthodontic Treatment Andrew Haas CJSO 16
1/17/96 Problems and Solutions Dr. Anthony Gianelly NJAO 7
2/14/96 Evaluation of Alternative Methods of Treatment Proffit NJAO 7
9/11/96 Treatment Management and Cost Containment Ron Roncone NJAO 7
9/17/96 Predictable Anterior Esthetics Dr. Bruce Small MCDS 1
9/18/96 The Florida Class II Clinical Trial Drs. Keeling, King, and Wheeler Ortho Alumni Society of UMDNJ 7
11/19/96 Dental Anesthesia & Analgesics Dr. Elliott Hirsch MCDS 1
2/18/97 Implants in Children Dr. Richard Kraut MCDS 1
2/19/97 Comprehensive Management of the Class III Growing and Non-Growing Patient Turley NJAO 7
3/19/97 Current Concepts in Starting and Finishing Cases with Jaw-Related Conditions Sondhi NJAO 7
9/10/97 Dental Management Companies - Managing your Future Dr. Terry Selke NJAO 7
10/8/97 Non-extraction and Early Treatment Innovations Grummons Ortho Alumni Society of UMDNJ 7
10/16/97 OSHA-Universal Precautions Joyce Koenig, RDH MCDS 2
9/16/97 Prosthodontics: Attachments on Dentistry Dr. Cosmo DeSteno MCDS 1
10/21/97 Oral Medicine: Pharmacologic Therapeutics in Dentistry Dr. David Sirois MCDS 1
11/7/97 Current Trends in Surgical Orthodontics Drs. Caesar & Gisela Guerrera Healing the Children 3.5
11/18/97 Conservative Restorative Dentistry Dr. Richard Lichtenthal MCDS 1
1/28/98 Interdisciplinary Treatment Dr. Vincent Kokich NJAO 7
2/17/98 Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral Cancer Dr. Randall Wilk MCDS 1
2/18/98 Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of Malocclusions Characterized by Vertical Discrepancy Dr. Donald Woodside NJAO 7
3/17/98 Digital Radiography Dr. Dale Miles MCDS 1
3/27-28/98 A Systems Approach to the Business of Orthodontics” Dr. Terry McDonald 3M Unitek 3
3/27-28/98 New Concepts in Treatment Mechanics and the Preadjusted Appliance Dr. Richard McLaughlin 3M Unitek 5
4/21/98 Problem Solving in Endodontics Dr. Leslie Elfenbein MCDS 1
5/20/98 101 Technology Pearls for Dentistry Steven Seltzer, MBA MCDS 6
9/15/98 My 10 Favorite Jaw Lesions Dr. David Lederman MCDS 1
10/20/98 Solutions to the Most Costly Mistakes Made by the Otherwise Intelligent Dr. Hugh Dogherty MCDS 1
11/5/98 OSHA-Universal Precautions Joyce Koenig, RDH MCDS 2
11/11/98 Air-Rotor Stripping (ARS) and Essix Retention and Mechanics Dr. John Sheridan NJAO 6
11/17/98 Latex Allergies Dr. John Molinari MCDS 1
1/20/99 Increasing Direct and Indirect Referrals Dr. Joseph O'Neil NJAO 6
2/16/99 Medley of Resin Composite Techniques Dr. Richard Trushkowsky MCDS 1
3/16/99 How Orthognathic Surgery Can Benefit the General Dental Practice Dr.Norman Betts MCDS 1
3/24/99 How We Get Better at What We Do & Bad Things Happen to Good People Dr. Rolf Behrents NJAO 6
4/15/99 OSHA-Universal Precautions Joyce Koenig, RDH MCDS 2
4/20/99 The Five Most Common Mistakes Dental Offices Make and How to Correct Them Dr. Gary Takacs MCDS 1
9/21/99 The Pregnant Patient: Dental and Medical Considerations Dr. Barbara Steinberg MCDS 1
10/19/99 Practice Transitions Dr. Gary Wiser MCDS 1
11/16/99 Trigeminal Nerve Injury Dr. Vincent Zicardi MCDS 1
11/17/99 The ABC's of Appliance Advancements Dr. Michail Alpern NJAO 7.5
2/15/00 Employment Law Considerations Ms. Ann Kiernan, Esq. MCDS 1
3/21/00 Ensuring Esthetic Success in Implant Prosthodontics Dr. Harold Baumgarten MCDS 1
3/22/00 A Comparative Evaluation of Class II Treatments Dr. Lysle Johnston NJAO 7.5
4/18/00 Depression-Management of the Depressed Patient and Psychopharmacology Dr. Myron Pulier MCDS 1
6/22/00 OSHA-Universal Precautions Joyce Koenig, RDH MCDS 2
9/19/00 Orthodontic and Periodontic Interactions in Esthetic Dentistry Dr. Frank Celenza MCDS 1
9/20/00 "Treatment Efficiency" - Employming the MARA to obtain simple and certain Class II correction in children and adults Dr. James Eckhart Ortho Alumni Society of UMDNJ 7
10/20/00 Prosthetic Management of Implant Complications Dr. Bruce Valauri MCDS 1
11/8/00 The Remarkable MEAW System Dr. Young Kim NJAO 6.5
11/21/00 Secrets of a Pediatric Dentist: (Making Pediatric Dentistry Fun and Profitable) Dr. Steven Schwartz MCDS 1
1/10/01 The Bottom Line Dr. Terry Selke NJAO 6.5
3/01 PSI Basic Seminar PSI Seminars
3/28/01 Applying State-of-the-art Technology for Simpler, More Efficient Orthodontics Dr. Charles Burstone NJAO 6.5
3/29/01 Off the Shelf Dental Imaging Dr. Martin Jablow MCDS 2
5/10/01 OSHA-Universal Precautions Joyce Koenig, RDH MCDS 2
7/01 PSI Life Success Seminar PSI Seminars
10/16/01 Microendodontics:Endodontics in the Twenty First Century Dr. Samuel Kratchman MCDS 1
11/14/01 Simplified and Predictable Edgewise Treatment Procedures Dr. Anthony Gianelly NJAO 7
11/20/01 Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health Dr. R. Michael Sanders MCDS 1
1/16/02 The Trifecta (Understanding and Optimizing Titanium Archwires; Achieving a 97% Bonding Success Rate; Digital Imaging in Practice Promotion) Dr. Michael Swartz NJAO 6.5
3/19/02 The Straight Facts about Orthodontics Dr. Robert Silverstein MCDS 2
4/11/02 What Makes an Effective Leader Theresa Martinez MCDS 2
 4/17/02 CEO-Clinically Efficient Orthodontics, Building the Value Added Practice Dr. Randall Kunik and Ms. Robin Craycraft NJAO 6.5
4/18/02 OSHA Certification Karyn Young-Engelman, R.N. CIC MCDS 2
5/4/02 Transposition of Teeth and Their Management Dr. Samir Bishara AAO 1
5/4/02 Rapid Tooth Movement with Corticotomy and Alveloar Augmentation Dr. William Wilko AAO 1
5/4/02 Skeletal Anchorage Systems (SAS) – Move Molars with Ease Using Innovative Biomechanics Dr. Junji Sugawara AAO 1
5/4/02 MIA (Micro-Implant Anchorage): The Absolute Anchorage Dr. Hyo-Sang Park AAO 1
5/5/02 Vertical Dementia Dr. James McNamara AAO 1.5
5/5/02 Stability and Relapse – University of Washinton Studies Dr. Robert Little AAO 1.5
5/6/02 Orthognathic Surgery: Current Status and Future Perspectives Dr. Timothy Turvey AAO 0.75
5/6/02 State of the Art in Orthognathic Surgery Dr. Larry Wolford AAO 0.75
5/6/02 Managing Orthodontic Treatment for Patients with Periodontal Problems Dr. Vincent Kokich AAO 1
5/6/02 Use of Mini Screw Implants in Orthodontics Dr. Young-Cheol Park AAO 1
5/6/02 Risks in Retention of Third Molars Dr. Raymond White AAO 1
5/7/02 Adolescent Treatment Dr. Richard Parkhouse AAO 1
5/7/02 Periodontal Orthodontics Dr. Domingo Martin AAO 1
5/17/02 Bioterrorism: Dentistry’s Role in Recognizing and Responding to the Threat Dr. Louis G. DePaola MCDS 1
9/20/02 The Damon System - The Next Chapter in Hyperefficient Orthodontics Dr. Frank Bogden Ormco 8
10/2/02 CPR Re-Certification Lifeforce USA 3
11/02 Mens Leadership Seminar PSI Seminars
2/4/03 Interdisciplinary Dentistry: The key to managing complex treatment plans Dr. Vincent Kokich Qi Enterprises 7
2/21/03 Controveries and Innovations in Implant Dentistry Dr. Dennis Tarnow MCDS 7
3/12/03 HIPAA Privacy Seminar ADA, NJDA Staff NJDA 4
3/18/03 Esthetic Perio: Setting the Foundation for a Beautiful Smile Dr. James Jacobs MCDS 1
4/2/03 3D/Removable System Dr. Robert Wilson NJAO 6
4/15/03 Speaking of Dentistry: Building Professional Speaking Skills Dr. Paul Homoly MCDS 1
5/21/03 Prolonged Thumb/Finger-Sucking Habits: HELP with a POSITIVE Approach! Rosemarie Van Norman MCDS 6
6/17/03 OSHA Certification Mathew Giachetti MCDS 2
9/16/03 Developing a comprehensive examination and treatment plan philosophy Dr. Robert Cowie MCDS 1
10/21/03 Placing implants, lessons learned and lives changed Dr. Richard Kraut MCDS 1
11/12/03 Predictability of Successful Orthodontic Treatment Using Invisalign Dr. Robert Boyd GPSO 6
2/17/04 Treatment planning in the age of implant dentistry Dr. Harold Baumgarten MCDS 1
3/16/04 The Plastic Surgeon and the Dentist – Any connection? Dr. Richard Marfuggi MCDS 1
4/14/04 Interdisciplinary Management of Anterior Esthetic Dilemmas: When, Why and How? Dr. Vincent Kokich MCDS 7
5/1/04 Orthodontic Tooth Movement to Regenerate New Bone and Periodontal Tissue for Implants Dr. Bjorn Zachrisson AAO 1
5/2/04 Gingival Response to Mechanical Stimulation During Orthodontic Tooth Movement Dr. Andrej Zentner AAO 1
5/2/04 Solutions for Common Orthodontic Problems Dr. Lionel Sadowsky AAO 1
5/3/04 Canine Impaction: Biological Principles and Clinical Management Dr. Bhavna Shroff AAO 1
5/3/04 The Difference Between Adult and Child Class II Corrections Using the MARA Dr. James Eckhart AAO 1
5/3/04 Retarded Eruption/Ankylosis and Its Management Dr. Samir Bishara AAO 1
5/12/04 The Bottom Line Dr. Terry Sellke NJAO 6
9/21/04 Treatment Planning Session Dr. Gerard Chiche MCDS 2
9/22/04 Recipes for Predictable Anterior Esthetics Dr. Gerard Chiche MCDS 7
10/19/04 The High Tech Dental Office Dr. Steve Seltzer MCDS 2
10/21/04 OSHA Certification Mathew Giachetti MCDS 2
11/10/04 Charting the Course: A 21st Century Approach in Utilizing Self-Ligation Dr. Gary Weinberger NJAO 6
2/15/05 Top Fifty Most Prescribed Drugs Dr. Harold Crossley MCDS 2
3/15/05 Periodontal Prosthesis: A 50 Year Retrospective Dr. Morton Amsterdam MCDS 3
4/19/05 Chronic Musculoskeletal and Neuropathic Face Pain: A Practical and Contemporary Review David Sirois, DMD, PhD MCDS 2
6/8/05 Seeking Interdisciplinary Excellence Dr. Frank Celenza NJDA 6
6/16/05 OSHA Certification Mathew Giachetti MCDS 2
9/20/05 Beyond the Employment
Agreement: The Life-Cycle of a Dental Practice Entity
Michael Schaff, JD, LLM MCDS 2
10/18/05 What you don't know can hurt you (fraud and identity theft prevention) Dr. Donald Lewis MCDS 1
10/19/05 Doctor, your check has bounced again (Dental office embezzlement) Dr. Donald Lewis MCDS 7
11/9/05 New Patient Protocol - The Patient Interview and Evaluation Dr. Robert Cowie MCDS 7
11/15/05 Narrow-Bodied Long-Term & Transitional Implants: Great Implant Practice Builders Dr. Keith Rossein MCDS 1
2/21/06 Esthetic and Function of Anterior Restorative Dentistry Dr. Michael Dzitzer MCDS 1
3/21/06 Adhesive Dentistry Dr. Gerard Greitzer MCDS 1
3/22/06 Team Work - Making Your Team Top Notch Rosemary Bray NJAO 6
4/7-4/8/06 Low-Force, Low-Friction Orthodontics Dr. Alan Bagden Ormco 11
4/18/06 Emgerging Infectious Diseases: An Update for Dental Healthcare Providers Dr. Michael Click MCDS 1
4/19/06 Esthetic Success–By Design Dr. David Garber MCDS 7
9/19/06 Advances in Endodontics Dr. Frederic Barnett MCDS 1
9/20/06 Why Straight Wire Doesn't Always Work Dr. Gerald Samson NJAO 6
10/17/06 Creating an Environment for Anterior Restorative Dentistry Dr. Howard Fraiman MCDS 1
11/4/06 Light clinical Forces and their Impact on the Face, Muscle, Bone and Soft Tissue Dr. Dwight Damon MASO/NESO 4
11/6/06 Treating Complex Malocclusions with Invisalign Dr. Dave Paquette MASO/NESO 2
12/15/06 CPR Re-Certification LifeForce USA 2
1/24/07 Series 2000-Advances in Dentofacial Orthopedics Dr. Michael Williams NJAO 6
2/20/07 Gingival Manifestation of Disease Dr. David Goteiner MCDS 1
3/9/07 Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning Dr. John Kois MCDS 7
4/17/07 Oral Complications of Cancer Therapies: Diagnosis, Prevention, Treatment Dr. Susan Calderbank MCDS 2
9/12/07 Case Presentation & Treatment Acceptance Mike Massato Staff Driven Practices 3
9/18/07 Critical Factors of the Business of Dentistry Cathy Jameson MCDS 2
10/16/07 Micranchorage in Orthodontics Dr. Frank Celenza MCDS 2
10/17/07 The Second Annual NJ State Forum on Dental Practice Management Mike Massotto/Jackie Doyle/Howie Horrocks/Mark Dilatush/Dr. Arnold Brown Staff Driven Practices 5
11/20/07 Update on Local Anesthetics Dr. Elliot Hersch MCDS 2
1/15/08 Biological Consequences of Clinical Intervention Dr. Kenneith Kurtz MCDS 2
1/16/08 Advancing the Art and Science of Orthodontic Anchorage Drs. Jack Fisher and Daniel Fishel NJAO 6
2/19/08 Dental Office Mangement Arthur Meisel MCDS 2
3/18/08 Contemporary Restorative Materials Dr. John Cranham MCDS 2
4/15/08 Update on Odontogenic Infections & Antimicrobial Therapy Dr. Thomas Flynn MCDS 2
4/18/08 Auxiliary Utilization/Dental Assistant Mike Massotto/Jackie Doyle Staff Driven Practices 5
9/16/08 Retreatment of Endodontic Failures Dr. Samuel Kratchman MCDS 2
10/21/08 Communication-The Foundation for Success Linda Miles MCDS 2
11/18/08 Mastering the Direct Posterior Composite Restoration Dr. Alan Atlas MCDS 2
2/17/09 Dentistry and the Law Dr. Brendan Mulligan MCDS 2
3/11/09 Invisalign Mechanics Dr. David Ostreicher NJAO 6
3/17/09 Removable Prosthesis-Recipe for Success Dr. Louis DiPede MCDS 2
4/21/09 Single tooth implant for the Orthodontic Patient Dr. Vincent Kokich MCDS 2
4/22/09 Interdisciplinary Treatment-Guidelines for Managing Complex Dental Problems Dr. Vincent Kokich MCDS 7
6/15/09 Dental Liability Alert   UMDNJ 3
9/15/09 Restorative Success and Failure: The good, the bad, the ugly Dr. Bruce Small MCDS 2
10/20/09 Great Cases with New Faces Dr. John Svirsky MCDS 2
11/17/09 Getting the Technology Needs of Dentists Down to a Science Jeff Weiss MCDS 2
12/23/09 Using ClinCheck to Achieve Optimal Smile Design Dr. Perry Jones Invisalign 2
12/23/09 Referral Building, 1 Relationship at a Time Beth Leach Invisalign 2
12/23/09 Addressing Challenging Movements Dr. Rene Sterental Invisalign 2
2/16/10 Introduction to Sports Dentistry Dr. Robert Howarth MCDS 2
3/16/10 Employee Salary and Performance Reviews: Taking the Mystique out of Communicating Financially with your Team! Char Sweeney MCDS 2
4/16/10 Esthetics and Implant Dentistry: Innovations and Controversies Dr. Dennis Tarnow MCDS 7
4/20/10 Dental Management of Children with Special Healthcare Needs Dr. Purnima Hernancez MCDS 2
9/21/10 New Diagnostic, Surgical and Prosthodontic Paradigms to Optimize Implant Reconstruction through Innovations in Technolgy Dr. Scott Ganz MCDS 2
10/19/10 Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry From Risk Assessment to Recipe for Success Dr. Avashai Sadan MCDS 2
10/27/10 Aesthetic Treatment in Orthodontics Dr. Mark Coreil NJAO 6
11-16-10 Screening for TMD and TMD Case Studies - How to protect your patients, your dental work and yourself Dr. Michael Messing MCDS 2
2/15/11 Stay Out of Court! Basics of Employment Law for New Jersey Dentists Ann Keirnan, Esq. MCDS 2
3/15/11 Oral Dermatology: Filling the Gap Between Dentistry and Medicine Dr. David Sirois MCDS 2
4/8/11 Treatment Planning Guidelines for Restorative and Prosthodontic Problems Dr. Terry Tanaka MCDS 7
4-12-11 Geriatric Pharmacology Dr. Elliot Hersh MCDS 2
9/20/11 The Endodontists Role in the Decision Making Process of Natural Tooth versus Dental Implants Dr. Frank Setzer MCDS 2
10/18/11 New Technology in Implant Surgery Dr. Jon Ruel MCDS 2
10/19/11 Making implants the treatment of choice for replacing missing teeth in your practice Dr. Jon Ruel MCDS 7
11/15/11 Bisphosphonate related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Dr. Salvadore Ruggierio MCDS 2
1/17/12 NJDA Officers Night and Life Member Presentation Art Meisel, Esq. MCDS 2
2/21/12 New Technologies in Implant Dentistry Dr. Harold Baumgarten MCDS 2


The Transverse Dimension and its Relevance to Functional Occlusion Dr. Ryan Tamburrino MCDS 2
4/17/12 Keys to Early Detection and Diagnosis of Oral Cancer Dr. David Lederman MCDS 2
9/18/12 Vertical Dimension of Occlusion- Restoring Correct VDO: New Techniques for Success Dr. Dean Vafiadis MCDS 2
11/20/12 Stem Cells Dr. Jeremy Mao MCDS 2
1/15/13 NJDA Officers Night and Life Member Presentation Art Meisel, Esq. MCDS 2
2/16/13 Back to Reality...Tested Biomechanics Dr. R.G. "Wick" Alexander NJAO 6
2/19/13 Oral Submucous Fibrosis/Update on Orthognathic Surgery Dr. Shahid Aziz MCDS 2
3/19/13 Non-Treatment Risk Management Issues Mr. Stephen Schechner MCDS 2
4/17/13 “Happier Patients and a Healthier Practice” Dr. Mark Setter MCDS 7
9/17/13 "Immediate Restoration of the Edentulous Maxilla or Mandible Using a Limited Number of Tilted Implants" Dr. Alan Meltzer MCDS 2
10/15/13 "Management of Trigeminal Nerve Injuries" Dr. Vincent Ziccardi MCDS 2
11/19/13 "Year-End Tax Strategies Every Dentist Should Know" Gerald Iacovano, SPA MCDS 2
2/12/14 "Understanding the Indications for 3D Imaging in Dentistry" Dr. Samuel Ziechner CJ Dental Arts Study Club 2
2/18/14 "Soft Tissue Augmentation: Restorative and Orthodontic Indications" Dr. Eric Weiss MCDS 2
3/18/14 "Update on Pediatric Dentistry" Dr. Chris Hughes MCDS 2
4/8/14 "Advances in CAD/CAM and Implant Dentistry" Dr. Edward Goldin MCDS 2
4/11/14 "Creating Endodontic Excellence" Dr. Clifford Ruddle MCDS


5/13/14 NJDA Officers Night and Life Member Presentation Art Meisel, Esq. MCDS 2
9/16/14 "Pearls of Wisdom for the Dental Office" Dr. Louis DiPede MCDS 2
10/21/14 "What to treat, when and why" (Orthodontics) Dr. Michael Messana MCDS 2
11/18/14 "Current Trends in Dental Insurance - Added Feature! Obamacare" Dr. Arthur Bilenker MCDS 2
1/20/15 NJDA Officers Night and Life Member Presentation Art Meisel, Esq. MCDS 2
2/17/15 "Pediatric Dental Trauma" Dr. Glenn Rosivack MCDS 2
3/17/15 “Biomechanics and Imaging of the TMJ: It’s Not Always the Disc!” Dr. Gary Heir MCDS 2
4/21/15 "Navigate your Practice Success" Lisa Philp MCDS 2
4/22/15 "Communication Toolbelt for Today's Dental Team Lisa Philp MCDS 5
9/16/15 "Invisalign: Understanding Limitations to Improve Outcomes" Dr. Robert Silverstein Central NJ Dental Hygiene Study Club 2
9/29/15 "Ergonomics in Dentistry" Dr. Eric Studley MCDS 2


“3D Guided Approach to Mucogingival Problems in Adult Patients” Dr. Marianna Evans MCDS 2
11/17/15 “Airway Orthodontics: A New Paradigm” Dr. Barry Raphael MCDS 2
1/19/16 NJDA Officers Night and Life Member Presentation Art Meisel, Esq. MCDS 2
2/16/15 "Pharmacology Declassified" Dr. Tom Viola MCDS 2
3/15/16 “Efficient and Effective Endodontics” Dr. Scott Resnick MCDS 2
4/19/16 "Amorphous Calcium Phosphate: The New Frontier in Biomimetic Materials" Dr. Alan A. Boghosian MCDS 2
4/20/16 “Contemporary and Classic Restorative Materials: Achieving Predictable Clinical Success” Dr. Alan A. Boghosian MCDS 5
7/27/16 ICD-10 No Hype: Just the Facts Dr. Joan Monaco NJDA 3
7/27/16 You ain't teen nothing yet Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis Align Technology, Inc. 3
9/8/16 Gingival Level Corrections Using Orthodontic Intrusion Dr. Frank Spear Spear Education 1
9/20/16 Treating Worn Smiles Dr. John Nosti MCDS 2
9/25/16 Spear Study Club Meeting   Spear Education 3
10/18/16 The Top 10 List For Essential Drugs In The Emergency Kit Dr. Dan Pompa MCDS 2
11/13/16 Spear Study Club Meeting   Spear Education


11/15/16 Overlooked Causative And Perpetuating Factors Relative To Headache, Orofacial And Temporomandibular Pain/Dysfunction Syndromes With herapeutic Implications Dr. Jeffry Mannheimer MCDS 2
12/2/16 Wear Patterns in Diagnosis Dr. Frank Spear Spear Education 2
1/17/17 NJDA Officers Night and Life Member Presentation Art Meisel, Esq. MCDS 2
2/4/17 Predictable Single Anterior Implants: The Restorative Dentist's Role in the Surgical Phase Dr. Frank Spear Spear Education 3
2/5/17 Number of Implants-Splinting-Screw vs Cement Dr. Frank Spear Spear Education



Spear Study Club Meeting Dr. Frank Spear Spear Education 3
2/21/17 “CBCT: Basics, Diagnosis And Treatment Planning” Dr. Steven Singer MCDS 2
3/19/17 Spear Study Club Meeting Dr. Frank Spear Spear Education 3
3/21/17 “Periimplantitis: Etiologies And Potential Therapies” Dr. Jon Suzuki MCDS 2
3/22/17 Biomechanics and Molar Uprighting Dr. Robert Silverstein Lecture to IDANA 2
4/7/17 A-P Corrections with Invisalign Clear Aligners Dr. Gary Brigham Align Technology, Inc. 7
4/18/17 “Complications In Endodontics” Dr. Sam Kratchman MCDS 2
4/20/17 CPT Medical Procedure Codes Dr. Chris Farrugia Spear Education 0.75
5/4/17 Completing the CMS1500 Claim Form, Part 4 Dr. Chris Farrugia Spear Education 0.75
5/4/17 Medical Billing Concepts in Action Dr. Chris Farrugia Spear Education 0.5
6/4/17 Spear Study Club Meeting Dr. Frank Spear Spear Education 3
9/19/17 "Dental Marketing Strategies that Convert into Practice Profitability"
Minal Sampat RDH MCDS 2
10/8/17 Learning Module - Cody- Young Patient with Severe Tooth Wear Dr. Greggory Kinzer Spear Education 3
10/17/17 “Cankers, Chancres and Cancers: A Cornucopia of Clinical Oral Medicine Cases” Dr. Alexander Ross Kerr MCDS 2
10/20/17 "What we know, what we think we know, and what we don’t know about Immediate Ex-
traction Socket Management." (AM session), "Interdisciplinary Approach for Treating the Esthetically Compromised Patient." (PM session)
Dr. Dennis Tarnow MCDS 7
11/21/17 "Impact of Biological and Technological Advances in Implant Dentistry" Dr. Shankar Iyer MCDS 2
12/2/17 "Restoring Maxillary Anterior Teeth in a Paient with Broad Patterns of Wear" Dr. Frank Spear Spear Education 2.75
12/3/17 Diagnosing and Treatment Planning End-to-end Occlusions Dr. Frank Spear Spear Education 3
1/14/18 Spear Study Club Meeting Dr. Frank Spear Spear Eduction 3
1/16/18 NJDA Officers Night and Life Member Presentation Art Meisel, Esq. MCDS 2
2/20/18 "Excellence in Posterior Composites" Dr. Rob Rosenfeld MCDS 2
3/7/18 Creating Functional Breathing Roger Price, BS, PharmD Spear Education 0.75
3/7/18 Creating a Pediatric Airway Data Gathering Protocol Dr. Jeff Rouse Spear Education 0.75
3/7/18 Questions to Help Screen Pediatric Patients for Airway Resistance, Apnea, and Arousals Dr. Jeff Rouse Spear Education 0.50
3/7/18 Treatment Options for Pediatric Sleep-Disordered Breathing Patients, Part 2 Dr. Jeff Rouse Spear Education 0.50
3/20/18 Ortho Integration with Implants Dr. Frank Celenza MCDS 2
4/13/18 Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy: Emerging Standards of Care Bringing Change to Pediatric Dentistry Marc Richard Moeller and Dr. Audrey Yoon NJ Adacademy of Pediatric Dentistry 7
4/17/18 Moving Patients from your Website to your Chair! Dr. David Wank MCDS 2
5/11/18 New Jersey Invisalign Orthodontic Expo Dr. Bart Iwasiuk Align Institute 8
9/7/18 Invisalign Aligner Bending Course Dr. Willy Dayan Align Institute 7
9/25/18 "Occlusion in Prosthondonitcs" Dr. Mohamed Kamel MCDS 2
10/28/18 Removable Options for Multiple Missing Maxillary Anterior Teeth Dr. Greggory Kinzer Spear Education 3
11/20/18 "Taming the overhead beast" Dr. Christopher Salierno MCDS 2
12/2/18 Fixed Hybrid Dentures, Part 1: Diagnosis to Provisional Dr. Doug Benting Spear Education 3
1/15/19 "Silver Diamine Fluoride: Will It Replace Primary Teeth Restorations?" Dr. Glenn Rosivack MCDS 2
1/20/19 Fixed Hybrid Dentures, Part 2: Provisional to Definitive Restoration Dr. Doug Benting Spear Education 3
2/19/19 NJDA Officers Night and Life Member Presentation Art Meisel, Esq. MCDS 2
3/19/19 "Orthodontics in 3D" Dr. Shalin Shah MCDS 2
4/16/19 "Local Anesthesia-Myth Busters Edition" Dr. Jason Goodchild MCDS 2
4/28/19 "Full Arch Zirconia Fixed Prosthesis Using Guided Implant Surgery and Collaborative Restorative Planning" Dr. Steve Ratcliff Spear Education 3
9/17/19 "The Dentist's Role in Recognizing Adult Airway and Sleep Related Breathing Disorders" Dr. Michelle Weddle MCDS 2
10/13/19 "The Esthetic Management of Short or Worn Anterior Teeth" Dr. Frank Spear Spear Education 3
10/15/19 "Predictable, Non-Sensitive, Long-Lasting, Profitable Composites" Dr. Gordon Christensen MCDS 2
10/16/19 "The Christensen Bottom Line-2019" Dr. Gordon Christensen MCDS 6
11/19/19 "Can the Cracked Tooth Be Saved? Early Detection and the Proper Protocol for the Management of the Creacked Tooth" Drs. Les Elfenbein and Joseph Stern MCDS 2

AAO: American Association of Orthodontists;
CJSO: Central Jersey Society of Orthodontists;
GPSO: Greater Philadelphia Society of Orthodontists
IDANA: Indian Dental Association of North America, NJ Chapter
NESO: North Eastern Society of Orthodontists
NJAO: New Jersey Association of Orthodontists;
NJDA: New Jersey Dental Association
MASO: Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists;
MCDS: Middlesex County Dental Society

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